MotoGP barcelona

1 - 3 SEP 2023

Experience the Barcelona Moto GP at the most exclusive VIP deck of the track: El Mirador. Make every wish come true under the Spanish sun with our VIP catering. In short, a wonderful opportunity to literally highlight your business relations.

About MotoGP Barcelona

Barcelona Moto GP

The Barcelona Moto GP comprises 24 rounds and covers a total distance of about 120 kilometers. The track is 4,6 kilometers long.

The first Barcelona Moto GP took place in 1992 and the race has ever since been a steady part of the Moto GP World Championship. The record holder of the most wins in the Moto GP category at Barcelona GP is Valentino Rossi with a total of nine victories.


VIP arrangement

For the Moto GP we offer a VIP arrangement at the most special location of the track called El Mirador. Enjoy the spectacular race with cold drinks from our bar and tasty dishes from our chef. This combination offers an ideal opportunity to invite your business relations and together enjoy the spectacle that Moto GP brings.


El Mirador

El Mirador is known as the best location at the track for its 360 degree view of the track and its position at the end of the straight stretch. So at El Mirador you have a perfect view of the drivers entering the first bend and coming by again in bend 6.

Remember: the seats at El Mirador can only be accessed by Visit Grand Prix guests.

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